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Special materials as a basis for furnishing

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Knowledge of technology and materials

Our company represents absolute added value in the development of customised interiors. We make this happen by sharing our thorough knowledge of techniques and materials. Examples of special materials we often work with are Getacor, Corian and 3Form. This type of material stands up well to many different acids.

Getacor, Corian and 3Form: three materials we highlight that make the difference

Of the many different materials we use, we like to highlight a few:

Corian is a high-quality material that is frequently processed in our own factory. It allows seamless creation of the most beautiful shapes. Corian is a solid surface material consisting of one part acrylic resin (PMMA) and two parts natural materials. This makes it a durable and elegant material with excellent hygiene and maintenance properties. Interior designers love working with it.

Getacor is a 'solid surface' product that can be used in many places. It has a higher density than Corian and therefore has a less delicate feel. This material is available in limited thicknesses and is widely used in built-in interiors of hotels, hospitals, shops and restaurants. The available 3mm thickness variant can have a favourable effect on the total price of a project. It is a material with good thermal deformation properties and is used for seamless applications. We use this material to create beautiful round shapes, such as counters, tables and worktops.

3Form is a manufacturer of a unique (sheet) material that is processed into furniture. The material is transparent and also thermally deformable. Keijsers Interiors is 3Form's partner for the European market and has the resources, knowledge and experience to process the material in the best possible way.

If you have any questions or comments about the various materials, you can of course always contact us without obligation.