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The art of caring

Interior design for care facilities: the right healing environment

Providing patients with the best care is the top priority for any healthcare facility. A suitable care environment is key. Consider a sterile and logical layout of your facilities, optimal functionality of your furniture, but also creating the right atmosphere and experience for all users. 

Keijsers Interiors has the knowledge and experience to support you in this from start to finish. Our value engineers optimise your interior plans from a technical perspective and bring the entire care environment in line with BPM's and other legal requirements. With minimum inconvenience for your organisation and maximum flexibility for your planning!

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Keijsers manufactures and installs custom furniture for the healthcare sector, often in collaboration with interior designers. We have years of experience in creating interiors for hospitals, clinics, and welcoming public areas. Our expertise ensures that each space is functional, comfortable, and tailored to the specific needs of healthcare environments.

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