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Fitting out Short Stay flats

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The market for 'short stay apartments' and 'serviced apartments' is the fastest-growing segment within the hotel industry in the Netherlands. These are also convenient locations for conferences, business meetings, expats and students. Short-stay flats are usually fully furnished and can be rented for a minimum of one month to a maximum of six months. For several years, converting existing (office) buildings, hospitals, schools and shops into affordable temporary housing has been a real trend. There is a strong emphasis here on forming a community between different target groups. Lodging and living come together here in a hybrid form of short-stay.

A place for temporary living, recreation or work

There is currently a great need for many short-stay places for people who work or study in a city temporarily and want to stay close to their work. Moreover, municipalities want to combat as much vacancy in the city as possible and add more cheap and medium-term rental options to the housing stock. For development in many cities, these are often rewarding projects because (office) buildings are often given a second life and the immediate surroundings are also invited to develop and get moving.

Transformation into short-stay flats

Transforming buildings into short-stay flats fits well with the circular thinking of builders, property developers and the government. It is great that these properties can be given a second life. These transformations are beautiful processes where cooperation between different professional partners is very important. Keijsers is often involved at an early stage in thinking along with the design and materialisation of the interiors.

We transform offices and properties into fully-fledged, modern and contemporary living spaces for these different target groups. Depending on the wishes of the property owner, we arrive at efficient and purposeful customised solutions.

For example, we helped build the Aparthotel Cityden in Amsterdam West, Yays Apartments in Amsterdam Entrepothaven, The Student Hotel in Vienna and completed the interior of The Cube in Utrecht. These projects call for creative and smart solutions. Together with the architect and agencies involved, we look at the possibilities and achieve successful transformations. The added value of an established interior builder and a fast project designer is a strong combination here.