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The design of our workplace has a big impact on how we feel. Stylish meeting rooms with functional tables, atmospheric plants and warm lighting; no employee is insensitive to the atmosphere that an office space exudes. Central features include more independence and responsibility for employees, flexible and activity-related workplaces and times, a new IT environment and the range of online communication options. As a specialist in customised office design, together with architects and project management agencies, we contribute to achieving a good working atmosphere for all employees.

Multiple interests

Good advice for companies looking to make their office design a success is usually based on two key issues:

  • Get to know employees' habits, routines and preferences beforehand;
  • Involve employees closely in the design and introduction of the new workplaces and keep communicating about it regularly.

    In short: designing an office is taking into account various interests. So what is really important when it comes to furnishing an office? There are many aspects that come into play. Keijsers focuses mainly on devising and implementing flexible furnishings. Important aspects include custom-made furniture, acoustics, integration of 'living greenery', flexiplaces, integration of technology and catering facilities.

An important starting point for us is that furniture can be used in multiple ways. At our factory in Poland, we still produce truly craftsman-made furniture, complemented by serial production. If the customer and the project demands it. In addition, these days there is an increase in the importance of 'green' in the working environment. Large custom-made planters as partitions or as part of the 'green garden' within an office are welcome interior solutions. After all, the colour green makes people feel positive and energetic.

Invisible technology

Certainly the integration of technology in the workplace is also an important element. With custom-made furniture, the invisible incorporation of power cables and other elements must then naturally be taken into account but the integration does not stop there. Many solutions and applications are possible.


It is important to know that furnishing an office creates a unique, inspiring and pleasant space where employees feel at home and their creativity and productivity are stimulated. Influencing acoustics with the use of acoustic materials is a good example of this. These materials come in the form of ceilings, wallpaper, paintings and artistic shapes that almost look like art. A lot can be made to measure.