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The modern Leiden Municipal Office

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From early 2020, all public services of Leiden municipality will be at one address: in the Municipal Offices. The Municipal Offices will be in the modern LEVEL building, close to Leiden Central Station.

We are proud to have been chosen after this tender to provide the custom-made furniture. We worked together with various parties; Du Prie Bouw & Ontwikkeling carried out the renovation and Kraaijvanger architecten designed the custom-made interior.

With the advent of the new Municipal Offices, all public services of the Municipality of Leiden are in one easily accessible place in the city. This was immediately a good opportunity to redesign the counters and spaces for advice meetings, and there is a self-service area for visitors.

Not only was a welcoming and modern look chosen, but also responsible and recycled materials. An important reason for choosing Keijsers. We are FSC certified and the use of sustainable materials is an important part of our production process. In addition, the building was made more sustainable, for instance by applying thermal storage, using water from the canal. At the same time, the monumental atmosphere is restored as much as possible. The original courtyard will return in the form of a green inner garden.