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Fitting out workplaces; trends and customisation

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Designing an office space today is no easy task. How teams (want to) work differs per person or per task and this creates quite a few challenges. The modern workplace is currently evolving and increasingly the focus is on the employee. The 'one-size-fits-all' set-up no longer really suits anyone.

BDO The Hague

Take BDO's office in The Hague, for example. Interior designer M+R interior architecture designed the interior of the building. Keijsers Interiors was responsible for the execution. We designed the reception area and the entrance desk and built the library, the pantries and the striking acoustic call boxes. On the site under our projects you can find beautiful images of these cells where you can quietly make a phone call without being bothered by ambient noise. Of course, greenery can no longer be missing in an office building and we built huge planters strategically placed in the rooms.

Dynamic flexibility

It has now been a few years since the trend of the flexible office took hold. Multifunctional workspaces will become almost the standard in 2020. A dynamic office today requires a high degree of flexibility. Of employees and also of furnishings. The mobile elements and the acoustic workstations and call cells are good examples of this. Many different seating areas have also been considered in the design. This dynamic flexibility really is the next step. It brings a completely new generation of moveable, multifunctional, lightweight and ergonomic elements that fit in almost any space and can be used in several ways. Spaces can thus be effortlessly transformed from, for example, meeting rooms to quiet, private workplaces.

The comeback of wood

Wood is making a comeback. Let this material be one of our specialities! Fortunately, many companies nowadays clearly take sustainability and the environment into account. The use of wooden desks, wall panels, flower boxes and other functional furniture fits in perfectly with this. Of course, the origin of the wood is at least as important.

Creating team spirit

The world is becoming increasingly digital, especially at the moment. With remote working, the need for inviting and comfortable flexi-desks is growing. With connecting spaces such as an attractive restaurant, a library, bar or gym, you can strengthen the team spirit when people are not working from home.

The unconventional workspace

By unconventional workspaces, we mean spaces that previously would not even be considered as workspaces. For example, corridors, window frames and even the open space under the stairs. With technological advances, many employees are not tied to their desks. All they need is an internet connection and an outlet. This trend also fits perfectly with the growing need to be able to work in silence, away from one's desk. Not to mention storage systems that have mostly become redundant due to digitalisation. In favour of the flex-workplace.

Made-to-measure craftsmanship

These trends in office design and construction are all reflected in this new BDO office in The Hague. The combination of the design and customised execution of the plan produced these beautiful images. Our strength here was the combination of design, craftsmanship and uniqueness. Together with the architect, the installer and the client, it has become a beautiful workplace.