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At Keijsers, we are proud to be involved in a project that brings to life a dream of a green world: Cabin ANNA. These unique stays offer a chance to be fully immersed in nature, with a deeper connection to yourself, others and your environment. Each stay in Cabin ANNA, located in beautiful locations such as Holenberg, De Maashorst or De Biesbosch, promises an experience of freedom and comfort amidst the natural elements.

Designer Caspar Schols designed and built the first prototype of Cabin ANNA, inspired by an original cabin he built for his mother. ANNA Origin, with its primitive experience, exudes an authentic charm that makes every overnight stay special. Equipped with a wood-burning stove, a generous bathtub hidden in the floor and a simple but complete and movable kitchenette, the cabin offers a unique and comfortable experience. The toilet and shower are located in separate cottages next to the cabin, adding to its unique charm and connection with nature.

Keijsers actively participated in the implementation and development of these cabins, making our contribution to this beautiful and challenging project.  Cabin ANNA is more than just a place to stay; let yourself be enchanted by the peace and beauty of nature, and discover what it is like to truly be part of your surroundings.

For more information about Cabin ANNA, please visit their website.