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Whether it is a hospital, a nursing home, the waiting room or the practice of a doctor or dentist - it is custom-made and unique. We specialise in made-to-measure work for this sector and advise care institutions on designing and building comfortable yet practical care interiors, using high-quality and innovative materials.

Furnishing healthcare institutions is a speciality. The art is to start from the patient's well-being in combination with creating spaces and workplaces where the care providers feel comfortable. Combining an aesthetically pleasing interior with functionality and ergonomics is a very important starting point. The interior is always custom-designed and entirely handmade and finished in our own factory.


Keijsers Interiors is therefore often invited to help think about the ergonomics and hygiene requirements for a specific project. Together with the architect, we brainstorm at an early stage on the materials and fabrics to be used that will fit well with the character and requirements of the project. Sustainable and innovative solutions that together create a better living environment and increase well-being. Our engineers advise on all kinds of hygienic compounds and materials that are extremely suitable in treatment rooms. A good example where this specialism has been visibly implemented is the Holland Proton Therapy Centre in Delft (Holland PTC).

Custom work and (built-in) furniture

We develop and install customised receptions, the interiors of patient rooms and unique interiors for public spaces. This certainly includes walls, catering facilities, sanitary facilities, libraries and silence centres. Besides interior design, we also supply seating furniture, tables and desks, beds and window coverings. With our creative partners, we can handle any project.

LEAN philosophy

One of the formulas we apply is the LEAN philosophy. This means that our starting points are no unnecessary waste, neither of materials nor of energy. Reuse of water, heat recovery from air ventilation and intelligent application of heat and cooling. At the Zaans Medical Centre, this working method has led to Europe's first LEAN hospital, which was awarded the BREEAM-NL 'Very Good' certificate in 2016.


Over the years, several great projects have passed the revue. Assignments in which we have collaborated with architects, builders and creative partners. As a specialised interior design company in healthcare, we closely follow trends and innovative solutions. Below is a small impression of our work in this sector:

Zaans Medical Centre in Zaandam, the Holland Proton Therapy Centre (Holland PTC) in Delft, Curaçao Medical Center in Willemstad, the Rehabilitation Hotel Intermezzo Rotterdam, the Ministry of Defence's Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Doorn, the bed rooms in the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen and our 'under construction' projects. Challenging and positive interior projects in the care sector with a beautiful end result and a satisfied client! We don't settle for less.