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The Bonnefanten Museum en Keijsers

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We have been working with the Bonnefanten Museum since 2016 to set up special exhibitions and museum rooms for the Bonnefanten Museum's changing collections. The Neutelings Room was a hugely enjoyable project. We also converted antique cabinets into beautiful display cases for the Silver Hall. This collaboration is always very positive, so when there was a new request to provide the office wing with a new interior, Keijsers Interiors was a logical party for Bonnefanten to work with again.

The interior design for the Bonnefantenmuseum office refurbishment project was created by Hollandse Nieuwe. A leading design agency with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of office design. We received the award for this project at the end of March. Keijsers Interiors is proud to work for this leading museum.