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Modern craftsmanship with 125 years of experience in customisation, that's Keijsers Interiors. We guarantee the perfect mix of tradition and innovation, always with a focus on sustainability.

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At Keijsers, we work in a variety of industries, including healthcare, offices, retail, museums, hospitality and government projects. This is your peek into the world of interior design, where design goes hand in hand with craftsmanship. We make the spaces where we work, live and relax a little more beautiful. 

"At Keijsers, we have been working for 125 years on customisation and creation that touch important aspects of a person's life. From welcoming new lives to providing care during goodbyes, and from inspiring learning environments in the Netherlands to enhanced workplaces in European cities. We promote leisure in museums and concert halls and are present in shopping experiences with global retailers and local players. Our expertise and dedication transform every space into a source of lasting comfort, inspiration and well-being. We are right there wherever you are. It is satisfying to be part of a company that makes a positive impact on people's lives in the background, without demanding the lead role."



De Smedt

Tiny Houses

Tiny houses have become a real statement in the world of housing and construction. These small houses, usually made of wood, offer a sustainable alternative to traditional housing. In France and the United States, many Tiny Houses appear in natural settings, where it is allowed and possible. This eco-friendly housing option is more than a trend. Keijsers has pushed the boundaries with Cabin Anna and started building high-quality cabins.


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You have a passion for bespoke interior design and want to contribute to our impressive portfolio of prestigious projects. That's the spirit! We always have room in our team for ambitious talent.

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